Zero is a digitally-native branding agency with offices in New York and Milwaukee. We build next generation brands and digital experiences.

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WTF is a digitally-native branding agency?

A Venn Diagram of Zero Zero is at the sweet spot where traditional branding agencies and digital agencies meet. TRADITIONAL BRANDING AGENCY TRADITIONAL DIGITAL AGENCY

Got it. But why does that matter?

We believe that everything is branding. The emails you send, the code you write, the packaging people tear open. Everything. We also know that nowadays most things are digital. Not everything. But quite a bit. So we think that the folks helping to define why you exist and why consumers should give a shit, should be the same folks that bring that message to life, across channels.

Does that mean you only take on full-service engagements?

No. While much of what we do is help businesses go to market, we also work as specialists at times. Meaning, we take on projects building websites, shooting content, building campaigns, establishing positioning and naming, voice & tone, etc.

Who do you typically like to work with?

We work with people that are doing something good for the world. Often, this means working directly with founders to help them bring their vision to life. Other times, it’s with select fortune 500 companies. We started Zero in search of a better quality of life and value the time we spend making things with people. If we’re going to solve problems together, we might as well enjoy it.

Hmm sounds pretty cool, tbh. What services do you offer?

Branding, design, content & technology:

  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Logo & Identity
  • Voice & Tone
  • Brand Books & Style Guides
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Styling
  • Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Mobile & App Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Packaging
  • Content Strategy & Production
  • Content Production
  • Brand Activations & Experiences
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • In-store Retail Design


Full-service partnerships: Discovery & Research → Strategy & Voice → Branding & Identity → UX & Content → Design & Development → BFFs

Nice, I need all of that. How much do you charge?

It depends on the length of the engagement, complexity, and deliverables - but our studio minimum is $100k.

But wait, I have more questions

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Sr Web Designer



We are creative problem-solvers with a primary focus on design and branding. We build websites, design systems, and create memorable experiences for brands and products. We believe in purpose-driven big ideas. And that finesse and attention to detail are often what separates the good from the truly great.

Position Details

As a Senior Web Designer at Zero, your primary focus is to independently manage your work as well as occasionally mentor and oversee design team members.

As a Senior Web Designer at Zero, you will work independently to conceptualize the emotional “why” behind the brand and how to express it through a digital medium. From the brand world to the website, you’re responsible for creating a digital experience that speaks the brand’s language and offers a fresh perspective within the brand’s industry. Whether developing the visual brand tone or working within a set of established guidelines, you are able to plug into the brand mindset and articulate it. You have mastered your craft as it relates to typography, color theory, layout, and art direction. You also have the ability to develop effective visual communication to fit a variety of personas and brands.    


  • Contribute to the research and discovery phase through competitive audits, research, and any additional tactics that add value
  • Independently develop holistic digital strategies that are unique to the market, true to the audience, and genuine to the beliefs and vision of the brand
  • Collaborate with the team to develop presentations that clearly and effectively tell the story of our work and regularly present the work to our client
  • Independently develop effective digital solutions, interaction models, and art direction that delivers on the brand strategy, are unique to the market and genuine to the beliefs and vision of the brand
  • Collaborate closely with the team to work from inception to completion to define digital storytelling through UX/UI, digital design systems, detailed responsive screen designs, interactive and motion
  • Create digital experiences that tell the brand story and delight the user while achieving business goals 
  • Work closely with Creative Directors, PMs copywriters, and developers throughout the process to develop a systematic approach to the design language across mediums
  • Effectively manage your time to meet internal deadlines and goals
  • Approach the project with a solutions-oriented mindset, a clear purpose, and ensure all executions meet business and user goals  
  • Occasionally mentor and oversee design team members


  • Mastery of industry-standard software (Sketch / Adobe)
  • Demonstrates a passion to solve problems and tell compelling brand stories
  • Ability to take direction and constructive criticism, as well as work autonomously
  • A solid grasp on design principles and practices such as layout, color theory, typography
  • Attention to UX and human-centered design
  • Experience in designing for the web 
  • Past e-commerce design experience
  • Past experience collaborating with development teams
  • Motion design skills
  • Prototyping skills

    Position Type
    Contract to Hire; Full-time

New York, LA, MKE, Remote

🏆  ZERO Makes Fast Co's Best Design of '21

🏆  ZERO Makes Fast Co's Best Design of '21



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