Zero is a digitally-native branding agency with offices in New York and Milwaukee. We build next generation brands and digital experiences.

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WTF is a digitally-native branding agency?

A Venn Diagram of Zero Zero is at the sweet spot where traditional branding agencies and digital agencies meet. TRADITIONAL BRANDING AGENCY TRADITIONAL DIGITAL AGENCY

Got it. But why does that matter?

We believe that everything is branding. The emails you send, the code you write, the packaging people tear open. Everything. We also know that nowadays most things are digital. Not everything. But quite a bit. So we think that the folks helping to define why you exist and why consumers should give a shit, should be the same folks that bring that message to life, across channels.

Does that mean you only take on full-service engagements?

No. While much of what we do is help businesses go to market, we also work as specialists at times. Meaning, we take on projects building websites, shooting content, building campaigns, establishing positioning and naming, voice & tone, etc.

Who do you typically like to work with?

We work with people that are doing something good for the world. Often, this means working directly with founders to help them bring their vision to life. Other times, it’s with select fortune 500 companies. We started Zero in search of a better quality of life and value the time we spend making things with people. If we’re going to solve problems together, we might as well enjoy it.

Hmm sounds pretty cool, tbh. What services do you offer?

Branding, design, content & technology:

  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Logo & Identity
  • Voice & Tone
  • Brand Books & Style Guides
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Styling
  • Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Mobile & App Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Packaging
  • Content Strategy & Production
  • Content Production
  • Brand Activations & Experiences
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • In-store Retail Design


Full-service partnerships: Discovery & Research → Strategy & Voice → Branding & Identity → UX & Content → Design & Development → BFFs

Nice, I need all of that. How much do you charge?

It depends on the length of the engagement, complexity, and deliverables - but our studio minimum is $100k.

But wait, I have more questions

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E-commerce Manager


1-3 Years Experience


Zero is a creative studio founded in NYC. Our intention is to create an environment where multidisciplinary teams can solve problems for progressive and contemporary brands. We aim to constantly re-evaluate what it’s like to work with a studio and provide a high degree of value and service to our clients and our team.

Our studio seeks an individual with a diverse background and the ability to operate with a wide array of brand worlds, business models, and personalities (both internally and client-side). We believe that process is at the core of our success - and are continually seeking to evolve ours to get the most out of each engagement. The unique and complex problems that face our clients call for fresh and strategic thinkers. 

Position Details

As an E-Commerce Manager, you will serve as a product lead at Zero with an opportunity to help define and execute Shopify stores on behalf of our clients. We expect an entrepreneurial and business-oriented focus. This position plays a pivotal role in planning and releasing projects for clients, internal initiatives, managing tasks and resources, interfacing across the team, external partners, and departments and organizations.

Your primary responsibility will be collaborating with our team(s) to create the best work possible in an enjoyable, engaging, and positive environment. In this role, you will work cross-functionally to guide projects from inception to launch by connecting the technical and client worlds. You can break down complex problems into steps that drive product development.

You will be managing a high volume of projects and will be one of the primary points of contact for our clients, so expert organization, attention to detail, and communication skills are a must. Defining and implementing a high degree of customer service as well as measurable value will be vital to your success.

As an E-commerce Manager, our expectation is that you approach the day-to-day with a positive, and solution-oriented mindset. We believe the traits of kindness, respect, and empathy are vital to the role and a high degree of emotional intelligence and strategic thinking will be keys to success.


  • Ability to review and translate product requirements, identify challenges, and present to the development team.
  • Support efforts to define and continuously improve the product management process.
  • Focus on planning, project tasks, assigning resources, creating timelines and driving execution.
  • Manage and execute client projects through collaboration with the development team.
  • Practice QA (quality assurance) at all stages including inception, design, development, testing, deployment.
  • Collaborate with teams across departments, disciplines, and leadership to establish effective communication and reporting channels.
  • Coordinate and lead sprints, post-mortems and daily stand-up meetings. 
  • Work directly with the development team to manage project roadmaps and prioritize new requests.
  • Support project planning, resource management and estimations. Ensure deliverables are up to quality standards at the end of each sprint.
  • Working knowledge of Shopify + integration literacy,  how to integrate assets (animation/audio) into the web. 
  • Weekly analytics and reporting.


  • Experience working on and launching on 3-5 e-commerce sites on Shopify.
  • 2+ years of Product Management experience.
  • Experience planning and managing multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced, scrappy environment.
  • Ability to assess, prioritize and integrate new information and requirements into plans and schedules seamlessly.
  • Strong knowledge of facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, empowerment, and increasing transparency.
  • Demonstrated track record of project execution with the ability to lead and influence teams.
  • A common-sense approach to agility that is focused on efficiency and better outcomes irrespective of methodologies, practices or processes.
  • Highly energetic and proactive with strong leadership skills.
  • Enjoys making sense of chaos, continuously learning and working with a diverse group of great people.
  • Natural ability to make things happen and get stuff done. You manage project ambiguity, complexity, and interdependencies in an organized and structured way.
  • Ability to identify and gather the right level of information and data to effectively prioritize tasks, projects and resources.
  • Collaborative team player with the ability to communicate effectively, lead others and influence outcomes.
  • Dependable and reliable with clear thinking and attention to detail.
  • Position Type
    Contract to Hire; Full-time

New York (preferred), LA, Remote

Salary Range
$60,000 to $70,000

One more thing:

When you send across your email, we are looking for a recent tactic or feature that you identified and brought to market which positively impacted conversion or another KPI.

🏆  ZERO Makes Fast Co's Best Design of '21

🏆  ZERO Makes Fast Co's Best Design of '21



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